Urban Legends – Law and Order

Its has been long said that the immigrants are the evil to be fought. How can the mind of 75% of the population be changed to make them see that the criminals come by and large from long rooted nationals? An article published at Newsweek.com may shred some light into this darksome issue.

I have recently been asked whether, in the unlike event of moving to the US, I would be intentionally acting mis·chie·vous·ly. As strange as the question posed might sound, it carries two strong views which are shared by the large majority of native Americans. That is exactly the point Chistopher Dickey makes in his article. One, that “that newly arrived foreigners are essentially, even intrinsically, dangerous”, and two, that few will have the courage to admit they strongly feel that way.

Other points that are betweem the lines are those of racism and xen·o·pho·bi·a, but I shall not touch these lines. Much can be said about the question initially placed, but the context in which it happened allows me to answer it lev·el·head·ed·ly, for it was also said that many of the immigrants break the law un·know·ing·ly.

I might write more later on but for now, you guess the answer.

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